Clown Jeremy Hunt Neglecting Thousands of Women/Babies


Here at INFACT/FACSA, we have found out this last week that women of childbearing age and who taking AEDs for epilepsy, migraine, depression, pain relief, bipolar etc are now not going to be given councilling from their GP, with regards to Epilim, Lamotrigine, Carbamazipine, Tegretol, Phenytoin to name a few.

In 2004, NICE Guidelines were introduced and stated that: In order to enable informed decisions and choice, and to reduce
misunderstandings, women and girls with epilepsy and their partners, as
appropriate, must be given accurate information and counselling about
contraception, conception, pregnancy, caring for children and breastfeeding,
and menopause. [2004]

However due to our pressure from INFACT with our National Campaign, the Department of Health have now decided that women of childbearing age, and on these medicines for their diagnosed illness, should NOT BE TOLD that their foetus will be born with debilitating disabilities. The catastrophic thing about this…

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