My Newspaper Feature – FACS SYNDROME



Knowing and living with the fact that a prescription drug described by my GP, has affected the health
of my 5 children is something I will always have to accept and live with.

The Government seem to focus on the dangers of smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs in
pregnancy. What about prescription drugs? Prescription drugs are not a choice for ladies in
pregnancy, they are prescribed for a reason whatever it maybe. Its all well and good focusing on
smmoking, alcohol and recreational drugs, awareness wise it is a good thing, however they are a
choice. A conscious choice the lady has taken upon herself, prescribed drugs are not.

I was prescribed the drug Epilim aged 12 after being diagnosed with Epilepsy. For people with
Epilepsy, Depression, Bipolar, Migraine, Pain Relief etc Epilim is one of the best drugs to control
these conditions. However the effect is has on theā€¦

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