Thalidimide – FACS Syndrome – A Sorry 50 years later


So, 50 years after the drug that caused the Thalidimide outcry, the drug company who made the drug have issued an apology.

My Opinion : An absolute disgrace – not 5 or 10, but 50 years.  Many of the patients who were born with Thalidimide, to my  knowledge sadly have passed away, so for their  families and remaining patients it is a sorry that has come to to late. Children who were born with Thalidimide were left with devastating effects on their body such as shortened limb, eye, ear  defects, malformations to genital parts and other things.

FACS Syndrome-(in which is being classed as The New Thalidimide)is  a condition in which babies are exposed to after  there mothers have taken anti epileptic drugs to control conditions such as Epilepsy, Depression, Mood Swings, Pain Relief and amazingly Migraine is still being issued.  So for the thousands of children worldwide with FACS….when will…

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