A New Year – Wobble Wednesday

So its a new year……2014
What always starts in the new year???? The dreaded “new start, new me, new diet” I have tried every diet under the sun, Weight Watchers,Slimming World, Lipotrim, Milkshakes, Atkins you name it….I’ve done it . In what I’ve spent on joining fees and all the add ons I could have paid for a tummy tuck and be nice and slim now. When I turned 30 (3 years ago) even though I knew it already and its natural, but it clicked with me that the only way to lose weight, tone up and maintain a good weight is too excercise and eat sensibly ( Not starving myself all day to then eat a good portion of cheesecake at night!!!!!!)

So with that I started Spinnng (excercise on a bike to music) I attended the classes 2 x a week with my friend and really got the bug for it. It became not an addiction but I felt bad whenever I missed a class and couldnt wait to get to the next session. I did drop from a very tight 18 to a size 16 in jeans which I was over the moon about. I bought a spinning bike for at home, thinking I will go on it all the time and do great like I did in class……..which was the biggest mistake ever, as I didnt put as much dedication in to it as when I was in class with our Fairy Spinmother.
So here we are ….. 2014 – feeling all bloated and bleurrrgggghhhh so what better way to start the year afresh . Ive joined my local Curves group, so am planning to go straight from school and to do this ¾ times a week. What bigger incentive to lose 1 and a half stone than the fabulous sights of Portugal…..20 weeks away (140 something days) but I know it will fly by. Im not promising I will achieve this but I really need to give it a good go to look half normal on that golden yellow beach.

I am taking part with AutismMummas (@AutismMumma on Twitter) #wobblewednesday to keep encouraged and hear other stories from other mummies too

Wish me luck :)


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