Visiting Christmas German Markets – Manchester

If you have ever uummmed and aarghhed about the Christmas German Markets in Manchester…… Stop ummming and do attend

I wasn’t feeling very Christmassy until I went last Monday, but it certainly got me in the mood of festivities. I’m not a regular attendee at the markets and don’t go every year which makes it nicer when I do go.

There are some fabulous stalls, selling all Christmas themed products such as candles, ornaments, bags, children’s toys, Christmas trees, gifts, crafts, jewellery etc
I was going on the intention of not buying just looking but of course I got drawn into the Christmas affect and ended up spending…..quite a lot

You can’t not go to the markets and not have a mulled wine….. They are what the markets are famous for,£3.50 for a cup of Mulled Wine, or Spicey Orange and Cinnamon with Jaegermeister and you get to keep the cup. In a way a limited edition cup as it says the number of years the markets have been going so this year it said 15 on them. If wine is not your choice their is the choice of German or Spanish Beer. If you get hungry there is a wide choice of different foods such as hotdogs, traditional German foods, pancakes, profiteroles the list is endless.

If the markets isn’t your thing to get you into the Christmas Spirit, the huge Father Christmas at the top of the town hall will ….. Hard enough not to miss it and very festive with all the lights on it.

I went with my husband, sister and brother in law and we really did have a great time. The main markets are situated at Albert Square but there are also other market stalls close by on other streets. They are on until Sunday 22nd December, so you still have time to get down there……. Have a great time::))


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