Salt Dough


Soft Dough is a really great activity to do with the kids. It’s so simple to make at home and is really affective when finished.

• Half a cup of Salt
• Half a cup of Water
• Full cup of Flour
(Remember as half, half, full)

Preheat the oven, on a very low light around 50degrees
1) Basically put all of the 3 ingredients into a bowl and mix together. Keep mixing till it is all mixed together, you don’t want the dough sticky or too dry as it will fall apart when dry. Give the dough a good knead, using your fingers and the palm of your hands. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin.

2) Using shape cutters press into the dough
3) When all the shapes are cut out place them onto a baking tray, then place into the oven. They then need to stay in the oven on a very low light for around 3 HOURS…..yes 3 hours. If you put it onto a high temperature the dough will start to bubble.
4) When finished decorate using paints, glue, tinsel, anything messy the kids love.

We made these this afternoon and seems as though it is near Christmas we made decorations for our Christmas Tree. (If making Tree decorations don’t forget to pierce the whole in the top so you can thread the string through)
These make fab presents. You could make them as tea coasters, tea light holders, tree decorations……a fab activity


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