Cassies Beauty Tips


Want stunning make up for the festive period?? Simply book for the day at CLAcademy and learn how to sparkle

The lovely Cassie Lomas is Co-founder of Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy in Manchester. She has been in the make up industry for 17 years, and regularly does make up for tours, shoots, magazine covers, music videos for celebrities such as Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost, Coleen Rooney, Rebecca Ferguson, Mel C, Demi Lavato, and recently Iggy Izalea amongst a very long list of other celebrities. She is also big sister to the lovely Charley Webb (Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale) and the very handsome Jamie Lomas ( Jake Stone in Eastenders)
I first met Cassie 2 years ago having attended her academy as she was looking for models that day to apply make up to teach her students. 254065_1990543597270_69093_n Cassie has such a strong, down to earth dedicated work ethic and it has certainly showed that with regards to where she is at in her carear…flying high.
Cassie’s tips and blogs will be featuring on here to make us mummies try and look that bit gracious with our little ones. Hope you all enjoy, if you try any of the looks do get in touch, we would love to hear from you
If you would like to learn from Cassie and her amazing team, CLAcademy offer fabulous courses, just click on the link attached to view




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