Why Is Norman Lamb : Secretary for Care and Support Letting Thousands of Disabled Persons Down



Since 1973, approximately 40,000 persons have been exposed to the drug Epilim (Sodium Valproate) and again approximately 20,000 have been affected causing disabilities ranging from Spina Bifida, Cleft Lip Palate, Facial Disfigurements, Autism etc. The drug Epilim is prescribed to ladies for a range of conditions such as Epilepsy, Depression, Bipolar, Pain Relief and amazingly Migraine (how many ladies across Britain suffer Migraine and depression alone……thousands?) Yet here we are faced with a drug company and a Government who are covering their backs and both shifting the blame onto each other . Its like a merry go round. The drug has been prescribed through the NHS yet practitioners have not been advising patients of the dangers and devastating effects this drug will impose on the unborn foetus.
We know through past experience and evidence that this topic has been continuously covered up, by the Drug Company ( who are blaming Government) MHRA ( who are blaming Department of Health) who in turn are blaming the prescribers. We are aware the Department of Health have chosen to ignore the NICE guidelines which state :
“Epilim should not be given to women of child bearing age”

Its like a merry go round – out of the 3 stated above they are not going to accept liability for an NHS drug that has continuously disabled children and is at this moment contuining to do so as it is still being prescribed costing the tax payer millions each year for the services these children affected by FACS Syndrome so drastically need. These children need these services as the level to which this drug has effected them is so apparent.
We have already been denied a public enquiry by Norman Lamb although that is an on going battle at the moment.
Yet : WHY would our Minister for Care and Support voted in by people who believed in his party, who is in a position of power, be so hesitant as to help and support (adults and children) who have been harmed by the drug Epilim (Sodium Valproate) when he has a “Duty of Care” to help, support and understand people and surely want to find out why this New Thalidomide Scandal has been allowed to happen again 40 years from the worlds worst medical disaster.
As part of his job description surely he has a moral obligation to “Care and Support” the thousands of adults and children affected by Epilim.

So Mr Lamb as you stated in your reply to us : “ I hope this is of help?”…….. No it is not. It is not acceptable to the thousands affected that the Drug Company, MHRA and Government have covered this up for 40 years this year , and on behalf of the affected persons why IN- FACT (Independant Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust) demand a Public Enquiry to get to the bottom of who is responsible .
As you will read the story below of Callum on how FACS SYNDROME took his life……Mr Lamb – FACS SYNDROME CAN KILL


IN-FACT Early Day Motion calls for a public enquiry



Facebook : Emma4facs (FACS Syndrome National Twitter Campaign)
The FACS Syndrome Association (National Support Group for those persons affected by Epilim)



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