Our New Website / Forum for Parents

With the help of the guys at http://l3creative.co.uk – (Jonny) they have created our new website. It looks fantastic and the time and effort Jonny has put into the new site means such a lot to us. Their work is fantastic, very efficient, and will go the whole mile to help out. If you need a website or would like to discuss this, do get in touch with them, your queries will be answered……please visit… info@l3creative.co.uk

On the website, we have a new interactive tool……Forum
This gives the opportunity for parents whose families have been affected by FACS Syndrome to meet, interact, talk about their situations basically offer each other help and support.


We will update the Forum regular and also join in on topics. Any medical questions parents have, we will then refer them them to our medical team which consists of 2 Geneticists, Epilepsy & Autism Specialist and Clinical Psychologist and with the possibility of other professionals joining us.

I really hope parents make use of this forum as at the best of times, being a parent is very stressful and can become isolating at times. We have experienced this and both Janet and I have children affected by FACS Syndrome too. Parents you are not alone and with use of our social networking tools are always around to get in touch with.



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