International Womens Day

International Womans Day

International Womans Day

What would the world be if there were no ladies?????? Quite Simply….there wouldnt be.

Lets face it …..were pretty amazing, we give birth,cook,clean,be mummies, nannas,sisters,nieces,aunties, for some work daily jobs as well as keeping the family running……..fabulous multi taskers.

So on this day I would like to mention a few ladies who have helped me along the way with the FACS Syndrome National Campaign:
My Inspirational Ladies : Jacqueline Gold (founder of Ann Summers), Julie Neville(founder of Winnaturally), Cassie Lomas and Helen – (founder of Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy, Dee Thresher (Fitness Instructor), Cathy Kelly (Author), Jo Frost (supernanny)
Each one of you ladies have all supported me since I started raising awareness on Twitter. Offering advice when I needed it, pointing me in the direction of some of your contacts to possibly help and assist, and most of all just acknowledging me. On behalf of the thousands of ladies who have aims, goals, dreams, just to be acknowledged on Twitter and to even get that big Re-tweet is huge. You all had dreams and goals and look how far you have all come threw sheer hard work, long hours, total commitment and dedication. You have stayed true to who you are and fully believed you can achieve your dreams, if it wasn’t for ladies like yourselves we would have no one to aspire to be. As the lovely Jacqueline tweeted to me a few months back

Fabulous Campaigners – Shy Keenan and Sara Payne:
Every campaign has its reason and prevalance. Having read the book you both wrote I can relate to a lot of things you have written. Campaigns start because the persons involved in the campaign believe in their cause. You have both been such heartache, the fact that you are both standing tall and now helping others is a true testament to you as ladies. As I know “Heartbreak Changes You” it can either go 2 ways…you can either crumble or go forward. You have taken your experiences to a new level and helped so many children/young and older adults break the taboo of Paedaphilia. Achieved so much, when fighting for a cause it brings so many tears, frustrations and their are days when thinking “whats the point”. For campaigners like myself it shows what you can achieve and to not let the “trolls” and nasty people out there get to you (thanks for your advice the other day!!) Keep up the amazing work, you have changed so many lives

Favourtie Authors : Cathy Kelly, Jill Mansell, Chrissy Manby, Judy Bryan, Kathryn Brown, Jo-Jo Moyes
After a busy day with the kiddies what better way to fall into bed and lose yourself in a book. Its sad that a book makes me happy . Each one of you have all different writing styles but in such a way that you get drawn into the book and lost. Thank you for all the help, advice and rts you have given me. Keep your imagination flowing ::))images (1)

THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON: This is one of my favourite sayings and I do believe it. The way our lives are is for a reason, who is in or out of our lives is for a reason, either in a personal or working capacity…… Dr Pam Spurr, Sue Atkins, Emma Dalzell, Tania Tirraoro, Liz Dawes, Jane Gregory, Nikki Salsa,Twitter Road Trip Ladies(Jo, Susie, sarcasm queen, Ali etc) Jackie Davies, Nina Morton Brook, Chanelle Keenan just to name a few . All the mummy bloggers and women led business, keep up the good work ::))

My fab friends : Kerrie, Denise, Jo, Janet, Kim, Carina, Janine, Shelley F, Sylvia 5385013291c24a1593aad859ee091603

To every lady out there reading this, as the fab Take That say, us ladies can “RULE THE WORLD”wpid-31d2c6932ff3514001c36588e258c368.jpg

Mum and Nana:
The day you died, it changed me as a person. Joe has always said “Im not the Emma he met” and to be honest I never will be. Me, Kerrie and Kieran lost you 10 years ago in May. You were as they say in the prime of your life, whilst you should have been enjoying life you were diagnosed with Breast Cancer and then a secondary Tumour. You fought with such dignity, always with a smile and laughing, even when you lost your hair, you still joked about it. After 10 years you would think it would be easier but as your grandchildren (mine and kerries kiddies) are getting older its getting harder. Not a day goes by where at some point I cry over you both. People say “I need to get over it” but I cant, I miss you so much…….you were my mum and the best one at that. The only consolation of you not being here is it has made me the mum I am. Everything me and Joe have gone threw with the kiddies, has made me stronger because Ive had to be. I had no mum to fall back on. You have both made me who I am. Keep shining down over us all, to say your both missed is an understatement. On Womens Day you are the true women in my life x x x x x x x x

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