Panic Attacks


Before I ever started getting panic attacks, all  I used to think all of the above: “Get a grip, your acting”  Just like any illness/ disability it’s complete ignorance.  Until you actually start to have them you will never feel for that person as you don’t understand it.  I started getting them just after my mum died.  A feeling you just can’t control.  You feel as though your throat is going to close up and stop breathing, sweaty hands, feeling hot, the feeling in your chest.  It has become a bit of a joke….ie needing my BROWN PAPER BAG.  They do actually help as your breathing the oxygen in and out of the bag. I tend to get them when I’m not feeling comfortable with a situation. People have a perception “Its all in the mind” but it really isn’t.  They are real and do exist. Give support to anyone who goes threw this x x


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