A Tribute TO My Mum…..Happy Birthday x x


Today would have been my mum’s 51st birthday . People may think “oh it’s just another birthday, another year gone by, is she not over her death yet?” But it is only those people that have lost someone close to them that will title understand the full effect of grief. From the moment you lose that someone special it will be with you forever, and in many ways effect the way you as a person will be. I’m finding as the years go on, its getting harder. The phrase “Time is a healer” I find very false. It’s not a healer, you just find a way of coping with that loss. You try and get on day by day as best you can.

When my mum died, I was pregnant with my 1st baby. I was heartbroken, Times I couldn’t even hold Chloe, didn’t want to hold her (selfish I know ) the only person I wanted was my mum. The question that’s always with me now I’m a mum “If only?” Special occasions, birthdays, Christmas……”If only my mum was here” . Hard times, Times I need advice and help….It’s you I want to speak to.


Mum: In the time you have entered them pearly gates you have gained 7 grandchildren. Chloe, Lauren,Luke,Harrison,Erin,Mollie and KIan. There just the best x x Me and Kerrie are now married with handbags and bills. As you asked , Kerrie has gone on to bring Kieran up and how proud of them both you would be. Kieran is now in college studying media, and doing so well, nearly 18. I wish you would have been here to be with the kiddies. We talk of you all the time , your pictures are up. You may not be here but you will always live on. If I can say thank you for anything it’s for making me the mum I am. I’m not perfect (far from it) but I was brought up from the best and the way you brought us up, I’m just carrying on that with mine. Despite everything with the children if I can get on with the loss of you , I can get threw anything. Keep shining down on us, especially the next couple of months, big things will be happening, so keep shining over me. Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace Always x x x x


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