Christmas, FACS, New year….

So Christmas is finally over. The tree and decorations are finally down, all toys are put away in the kids rooms (just today). The adverts of weight watchers are depressing me as I know Ive eat to many mince pies (and cheesecake) so back to the gym I go next week.

Christmas was great. It was my 1st Christmas being married so finally received a “Wife” card.259051_4538808142291_2135393312_o
Santa was very generous this year, and the kids were made up with what they got. I was clearly a good girl as I got a Kindle Fire HD and a new coffee machine. A much needed chance to get together with friends and family as always. Christmas dinner was at home with the family, then in the evening we had a get together with my sister and uncles for Karaoke. Lauren and Chloe loved it (not as much as Auntie Kerrie) singing out to one direction, katy perry etc, a favourite in our house at the moment

Joe, Luke and Kian

Joe, Luke and Kian

Meeting with friends

Meeting with friends

Any spare rubbish???

Any spare rubbish???

For all you blogging mums the Kindle is absolutely fantastic for blogging. Its so much easier, to use, uploading pictures etc. A fantastic new gadget, in which you can access your emails, facebook, twitter then all your games and apps and if like me you like to read, your kindle is on it too.

It was also good to take some time away from FACS Campaign, to watch Christmas films with the kids, and get ready for Christmas. The campaign at the moment is a major part of my life at the minute as it is progressing that fast. The timetable set by The Thalidomide Trust, we are actually ahead of that. The workload is a lot to do, and obviously still having the children to look after, go to hospital appointments and the fact my Epilepsy has been bad recently, it was nice just to …..Relax. As you will know, we have set up The FACS Syndrome Support Group. The influx of parents getting in touch is a lot and although the page is on Facebook and I try to Tweet about it as much as possible, we still never had an official website so as of this week The FACS Syndrome website is now live and on the internet. It has contact details for anyone wanting to get in touch with us. We are dealing with enquiries through email at the moment, as we obviously still have our families to see to. We are now overwhelmed by the amount of support especially Mps who are now ringing US to offer there support, ( a turnaround from last year). The diary is full for the next 6 months and big things are in the process of being dealt with.

Keep spreading the Word

Keep spreading the Word

To get access to The Facs Syndrome Website go to


One thought on “Christmas, FACS, New year….

  1. Emma your amazing… Not only do you believe in your campaign, you are educating people like me who had no knowledge of FACS although my teenage daugher has epilepsy. We now have the knowledge and choice to make informed decisions about medicatiom. GO GIRL and thankyou….Xxx

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