My Premature Babies – Premature Awareness Month


Premature Awareness


All my children were born premature.

The earliest born was Lauren at 31 weeks.

Laurens 1st bath weighing 3lb

She was born at 3lb and for a while was very very poorly. The frightening thing was seeing how small she was.  Lauren was in hospital for around 3 months being tube fed, having leads on to monitor her breathing.  She was that poorly that the priest actually gave her a blessing,oneof the most scariest times.






Luke born at 33wks

My son Luke was born at 33 weeks.  Yet again time being spent in special care unit.  Luke was very poorly too as whilst there he picked up Pneumonia.  He then had to have a lumber puncture.  He too was monitored every day with feeding tubes and spent around 6 weeks in hospital.  Seeing little tiny babies being poked and proded as a mum is awful. Nights spent in the special care unit were scarey and lonely as all you can do is watch.

Luke now aged 7








Lauren and Luke are now 7 & 8.  Even though they have other issues,they are fighters as being born at such  tiny weights and life depending illness, I am so proud of my little smurfies.

Me and Lauren aged 8

Lets all support Premature Awareness Month and whilst doing that thank the nurses and Drs who look after our babies.


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