Officially Married 1 week x x x x x x x x x x

Today you could call it my anniversary, Ive been married a full week now. Its still weird signing my signature on forms differently and accepting phone calls as Mrs Murphy but a nice feeling,the best thing Ive ever done.  Our wedding had been planned before, 9 years ago. I had my dress, venue all sorted but at the same time I also found out my mums cancer was terminal.  I decided then to call the wedding off as I didnt want to put my mum in an arwkward situation and having people looking at her out of sympathy.  It was a hard decision to cancel it but looking back the best thing to do. Our wedding day was amazing, just fabulous. Being surrounded by friends and family all relaxing and having a nice day.  After a full week of rain, on the morning the weather was sunny. In my heart I do believe my mum was with me the sun was lovely and stayed out till we got to the venue, then it rained hahahahhahha.

Any readers thinking “should I go ahead with our wedding?”  My advice is …go ahead.  There will never be a perfect moment to get married.  Money is the biggest worry and to be fair you will never have the money.  We saved for a good 7 months.  Every penny we had was put into the wedding, there was also a lot of arguements and stress but so so worth it.  Just to see how gorgeous the kids looked.

Happy 1 week anniversary Mr Murphy……..the curry is on you tonight x x x x






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