Summer Holidays



Summer Holidays


Normally the 6/7 weeks holidays drag and go really slow but this year they have flew.  As always the weather has been really poor so days when it has been sunny trying to make the most of the kids playing in the garden is a must, although sunny days they’ve been wanting to be in the house.  Chloe has just learned to ride her bike so that keeps her occupied outside, although at the minute the neighbour ran over her bike so is out of use. (lots of tears)  Lauren struggles on normal bikes as she cant pedal it, so gets quite upset when Chloe is on hers.  We all went to a park near us, in which there was a scheme running for physically disabled children to try out different bikes suited to them.  It was great and Lauren loved it. We paid £2 for her to go on them for as long as she wanted and she was beaming when she rode one of the bikes saying “I can ride a bike, I can ride a bike” Was nice seeing that.



With the wedding coming up (5 weeks) money has been really tight and trying to occupy the kids isn’t easy so its been a case of doing things at home, lots of cake making, home made play dough ( which is really easy)biscuit making, DVD days generally using the thousands of toys at home (which never get played with) used.


We managed to get a week away in the caravan (which we do every year) in Wales, which was good.  We go with my family so theres normally 3 caravans.  It was good to get away from the endless hospital appointments, the phone ringing just to have a change of scenery.  The kids loved it. Lots of walking, trips to the fair and the dreaded arcade which at the minute is fine, as they only like going on the 2p machines.  They loved the dancing at night at the disco.  Luke and Lauren always joining in (mummy to) and for me the cash bingo…which I won a few times.


People take a simple thing as going to the beach for granted, this is quite difficult for us.  Laurens frame wont wheel in the sand and gets stuck so we cant bring the frame with us.  We did find a pebbly beach we went to on the Friday, we carried her on. She was in the sea, Luke found a crab, but then killed it with a pebble, and the men were flying kites.

Its not always been roses, the arguing over whatever one child has got, the other one wants.  The teasing and arguing with the kids is endless and at the minute Luke is really struggling with Noise Intolerance.  The slightest noise sends him in a rage so continuously trying to keep him calm is stressful.

So its back to school next Wednesday and the kids cant wait.




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