This Weeks Trip to Sussex

This week Ive been away down Sussex.  As a Trustee for FACT (Foetal Anti Convulsant Trust) I have met with the other trustees, to discuss things about the trust, direction in which we are going and for the next 12 months what our aims and goals are.  The Trust has 4 trustees (myself included) whose children are all affected by FACS SYNDROME.  It is the aim of the trust to work with the drug company and also Government to ensure the children diagnosed with FACS have financial security to care for their needs for the rest of their lives.
We travelled by plane and I have a fear of flying.  Scares me so much the fact were so high up.  It was a bumpy flight so there was a lot of breathing going on. One of the other Trustees, wrote the poem below whilst waiting for us in the airport :

Poem of the day – Airport

We’re sitting at the Airport
The plane delayed for now
I wish I’d brought my laptop
I’ve work to do, but how?

Drink my coffee, watch the clock
Faces pass me by
Emma’s really worried
She doesn’t want to fly!

Finally they get here
Home is where we head
But we stop off at the lakeside
And have some drinks instead!


For more information on FACT Trust, please visit




One thought on “This Weeks Trip to Sussex

  1. Love that Poem Emma. I am frightened to death of flying too! You wont,t get me on a plane!! I was alright when I was younger, but havent flown for 28 years!

    Not a wonder you are tired today, you have been very busy again:)
    michelle x

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