Laurens Big Achievement

Many people take a simple thing like riding a bike for granted.  For children who have physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy like my 2 children have, for them to ride a bike is a big step and not just for the child but for the parents to.  Lauren is now 7, so for her it has been an issue not being able to ride a bike.  Her big sister Chloe has a bike as do many of her friends, so when Lauren is asking : “When will I ride a bike mum” it really is heart wrenching, because we don’t have the answers.  Lauren is at the stage where her splints aren’t helping her, and the Botox she has isn’t as effective as the Drs would have hoped.  Her legs are turning in more and the pain she has is a lot worse.  She is so determined though that when she attempts walking she is falling straight to the ground so also has lots of cuts and bruises.


At a local park near our home in Manchester, there is a scheme where children with Physical disabilities can pay £2 and use the specially equipped bikes for  them to use.  With a normal bike any child would use Lauren doesn’t have the stamina and strength to pedal so does need an adapted bike.  So today we all went out to the park for Lauren to have a go at the bikes.  Chloe, Luke, Erin and Kian played on the park with me and Lauren was with her dad.


Seeing her ride the bike was fabulous as she has never done it before. A feeling of proudness and as well sympathy for her .  A huge achievement for Lauren, that will hopefully help with her self confidence too.  Well done my big girl, x x x x x x x x x x x


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