Daily Mail Article – How Has This Been Received??



The Awareness Campaign featured in May 2012 with my family.  Since this has been printed the response has been amazing.  It proves to this day, that some  Health Professionals are still not warning about FACS Syndrome as ladies are getting in touch totally unawares about this despite having children. Having to keep confidentiality into account the number of ladies and the different scenarios and how it has affected them is worrying and it is for this that the Media Campaign has to carry on. We are now being contacted by a lot more ladies who have taken the medication and now have children.

With the article their were comments under neath the post from the general public.  Comments such as “Its clear there are warnings about FACS” – the response to this is in my opinion, yes there may be warnings of headaches, sickness, etc but nothing to the degree of Autism, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Incontinence, Limb Defects etc.  The drug company only later added more serious things to the piece of paper within the medicine box as we as a charity OACS and Trust FACT, pushed and challenged them, because deep down…. they know they are wrong.

Another comment raised was: “This is nothing like Thalidimide, no limbs are missing”… Limbs may not be missing to the extent that Thalidimide was but it DOES affect limbs.  My daughter Laurens feet are curved and there are many of the FACS children whose limbs it has affected.  You have to also take into account the other symptoms it is causing the thousands of children. The comparison against Thalidimide is the fact that ladies are taking medication WHILST pregnant and not being given the warnings.


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