Laurens Cerebral Palsy……Only time will tell

Lauren at the summer fair

Lauren at the summer fair

A few weeks ago I posted about Lauren having her Botox to help with the Cerebral Palsy.  Lauren was born with this condition and also FACS to. When she was born she only weighed 3lb and as she grew she was always on the petite end of the scale. Shes aged 7 now and very conscious that she does have a disability.  She gives 100% to everything that she does, mobility wise too.

Last week me and Joe were told that the Botox she has been having has had virtually no effect at all.  Having Botox is supposed to make someone with Cerebral Palsy a lot less stiff and relax their muscles.  This hasn’t worked this time and if anything is more stiff than ever.  She is having to be carried around and to get around she is crawling.  Watching this is really really hard.  She is 7 and just wants to run around like her sister Chloe and her friends.  At the minute she is getting really frustrated, is crying and playing up a lot to. And why wouldn’t you???

The splints she wears are not being effective as shes that stiff her legs are just riding up out of them so for the time being is not in splints.  Her medical team have suggested that maybe now is the time to be thinking of her having operations.  Today we have received an appointment for Gait Analysis. (in which we have waited 8 month for)  Lauren will go into hospital and probes will be attached to her body and she will walk and do other things, this will determine where she is most weak and what if any the solution will be.

As she is getting older the reality of her having Cerebral Palsy is hitting home more.  She is that much bigger and also very aware as to what is going on around her.  She knows her classmates and friends can walk better than her.  She is constantly saying “I wish I wasn’t disabled” How do you answer that?????

Lauren is very independent and no matter what I wouldn’t change her.  The struggles and difficulties she goes through have made her that much tougher and she knows what she wants.  Mobility wise I don’t know what the future will be for her.  Only time will tell…but no matter what we will still have her cheekiness and smiles.


2 thoughts on “Laurens Cerebral Palsy……Only time will tell

  1. I really can say I understand I gave up my role in the NHS to become my granddaughters carer as her CP got worse. She bless her is so wonderful and we know what you are going through, your daughter is beautiful just try and stay strong for her and yourself, my hopes go out to you xxxx

    • Thank you for reading and getting in touch Susie. It is heartbreaking but in the same way I do believe it has made her a lot tougher. She has physio everyday at school and at home too. She is having Gait Analysis soon so only that will tell the more detailed picture. Her brother Luke has CP too.
      I hope your grandaughter is ok and as you and your family x x x x x

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