Botox – If only the Celebs saw it happening on a child

Yesterday was absolutely heartbreaking as a mum.  As you are probably aware by now my daughter Lauren (7) has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. She was born at 31weeks and weighed 3lb.

Me and Lauren

To help Lauren she has to walk with a Kaye Walker Frame, has to use a standing frame for upto an hour a day (to stretch her muscles) and wears splints (to keep her legs in the right position.  Yesterday was her Botox day.  People who suffer with Cerebral Palsy, are sometimes given the option to have Botox.  This procedure is to help loosen the stiff muscles on that person with CP  This is around the 6th time Lauren has had this done and each time we both dread that day.  She had her breakfast in the morning and then was nil by mouth (in which her appointment was at 3;00, so a very hungry girl)  Laurens  walking has deteriorated as she is not tolerating her splints and they are riding up giving her blisters, so is in an awful lot of pain.

Lauren on her Kaye Walker


Lauren was NOT put under General Anaesthetic yesterday or any other times she has been. She was given a 1ml solution into her mouth which then had to be rubbed into her cheeck?? This solution makes her drowsy but whilst having the botox she was awake.  She had to have a higher dosage of botox yesterday as she has deteriorated.  It was harrowing.  She was screaming crying, there were nurses trying to calm and hold her down.  Whilst she was crying I was to watching my baby girl have this procedure.  Her scream of “Mummy stop them, why do I have to have this done” absolutely broke me and has left me devastated.  All this pain through a drug I was advised to take yet no warning of the implications it would have.   She had 8 needles inserted into her calves and she cried through the whole time.  Why was she not put under General Anaesthetic??? Surely there has to be a better way of her having this procedure done

Today she is very very sore. She has physio everyday both at home and at school.  She will have physio before bed and will also wear night splints throughout the night.


Lauren in her standing frame

My opinion of botox is different from a lot of peoples.  Reports in the press of celebrities going for it in their lunch hour really annoys me.  If they would have seen what my baby went and goes through it would put anyone off.  I understand we are in a beauty fuelled world today but why not grow old gracfully with your natural looks.  People will like and love you no matter what you look like, so why have 2inch needles inserted into your face to look good??


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