Aint No Sunshine

After the last few days of gorgeous sun, and the results of which are me now looking like a lobster, I wake this morning to the grey clouds here in Manchester.  You get used to the lovely weather and then it just…..stops, how typical.

The last few days with the kids have been great, just in the garden playing…..and they loved it. Having said that though lots of arguements over whos on the swing first??? Too many people on the trampoline, resulting in lots of tears and tantrums and as a consequence having to bring them in for a while to calm down.    They particularly loved playing in the water tray just pouring water in and out of the tubs, splashing each other.  Erin loved the sand, she spent ages in it, putiing her dolls in the sand and covering it up. To any parents who are thinking of buying a sand and water tray…a bit of advice….BUY THEM SEPERATELY.  We learnt very early when we bout a joint one basically the sand and water end up together in which the sand just turn to mush….a real pain, so now we have them seperately and its much better.

Lauren, kian and Erin in the sand


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