Blog/Advice from Julie Neville with regards to Stress


Each persons lifestyle is different. Whether your career driven, busy with children, studying education, or something different the majority of people in Britain encounter Stress at some point in their life.  If ignored for a period of time this can actually become quite serious.  Below is information I have received personally from Mrs Julie Neville.  Her company Winnaturally is supporting FACSA and the FACS SYNDROME Awareness Campaign, and through personal experiences of her own, has chosen to do a blog about Stress, giving tips and also remedies to help with this condition.  Most of the products mentioned can be bought from her site Winnaturally and if at Checkout you enter the Code FACS10, a donation will be made to FACSA Charity/Campaign

Tips for Stress


It is amazing how many times I am asked each week for advice on how to deal with stress and a frightening statistic is that over 7 million working days are lost each year due to stress related conditions.  I also believe that stress is the cause of many other illnesses.  Excess long term stress is highly toxic to every organ.

The early symptoms of stress are irritability, anger, tearfulness and feeling that you are unable to cope.  This then progresses to palpitations, headaches, insomnia, poor digestion/stomach upsets, food cravings, irritable bladder, memory loss or confusion. Long term, it can then progress further to autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, eczema, psoriasis, osteoporosis as the body leaches vital minerals from the bones and other organs to re-alkalise the system and even heart attacks, strokes, cancers and even Alzheimer’s.

I have been there and know just what it is like to undergo long periods of extreme stress and have experienced many of the above listed symptoms.  Luckily, I have now realised the huge part that changes in diet can play in assisting our bodies in coping with stress.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid all stimulants which put more pressure on the adrenal glands – so exclude caffeine, sugars, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.  I actually gave up all regular tea and coffee five years ago now and that simple change alone made a huge difference.  Replace with herbals teas.  Have a look at our delicious and nutritious Heath and Heather and Pukka ranges.

Reduce foods high in additives and preservatives such as refined white and processed foods.  They simply place more strain on your digestive system and are usually low in nutrients.

Foods to add into your Diet

In order to control blood sugar levels (and therefore support the adrenal glands) replace large heavy meals with smaller more regular meals throughout the day.  Remember to always carry healthy snacks with you such as the munchy seeds and energy and snack bars.  Our Pulsin and Trek snack bars are extremely nutritious but still handy to eat on the go. All our family also love the Urban fruit products – which count as one of your fruit portions for the day too.

Ensure you start the day with a good breakfast such as porridge or muesli containing oats which contain B vitamins and will help you to remain calm.

Whole-wheat pastas, quinoa, lentils, couscous and brown rice are all calming foods.  We currently have some great quinoa and millet products in stock.

Liquorice is fantastic for the nervous system and adrenals – so I would definitely recommend eating some of our Biona liquorice daily.

Make sure you eat enough lean protein as stress breaks down protein in the body.  During stressful periods I actually add whey protein to my juices/smoothies – also a good boost to the immune system.  The protein I use is Biotics Research Whey Protein.  I also snack all the time on our Carleys Nut Butters which are also a good source of protein – my favourites are almond and cashew butters.

I found several herbal teas to be extremely effective and a great alternative to regular tea and coffee.  My favourites were liquorice and camomile tea both of which are fantastic for the nervous system.  Our Pukka and Heath and Heather range of herbal teas are again both delicious and nutritious.

Stress hormones trigger inflammation in the body.  Essential fats contained in oily fish, sunflower, pumpkin or linseeds help to reduce this inflammation.  I always have a tub of our munchy seeds in my bag and both myself and the children snack on them throughout the day.  A great way to keep blood sugar stable and get all those essential fats at the same time!  I also add Linseeds to my cereal or porridge every single morning.  Our Linwoods range come already ground and so are simple to add to soups, salads, cereals or smoothies.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Useful Remedies

Take a high strength multi vitamin and mineral daily.  Biotics research and Biocare are both quality brands.

We excrete more vitamin C during stressful periods so worth supplementing upto 3g spread throughout the day.  I would suggest the Biocare Vit C Plex.

Calcium and magnesium are calming minerals.  The Biotics Research Mg-Zyme is a fantastic magnesium supplement.

Bio cares AD 206 is the most amazing adrenal support and will definitely support you during prolonged periods of stress.  I take this daily.

Take a B complex daily to support your nerves.  My favourite is the Biocare B Complex.

Rescue remedy is an amazing product and something else that I always have in my handbag.  Just a couple of drops really helps me to deal with stressful situations.  Their night time remedy is great too for aiding peaceful sleep.  Check out their range of products on our link.

Julie’s Helpful Tips

Find ways to relax and de-stress daily whether that is a walk, a massage, listening to feel good music, having a long soak in a bath or simply taking time to breathe deeply.

Laugh more – laughing releases feel good hormones.  I went out and bought box sets of comedies and sat laughing out loud at them – it really does have the most amazing effect.

Ensure you get sufficient sleep.

Accept that there are some things in your life which you cannot change but concentrate on the things that you can.

Stop feeling guilty and learn to say no – I am rubbish at both of these but working on it!

Take regular exercise – a great stress buster!

Every single day make a mental note of something that you are grateful for – it is so easy to lose sight of all the good things in our lives during stressful times.

Know that you can make a change and that it will get better.



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