How much more is FacsSyndrome going to throw at my children???

Im writing this blog with a real heavy heart and to be honest am absolutely gutted.  My 4th child Erin who is 4, had an appointment to have her ears tested today .  The test was carried out, all the usual games they do to monitor hearing.  The results have come back that she is partially deaf in both ears and will have to wear hearing aids in them both.  In todays day and age and with modern technology this isnt a big thing.  A hearing aid will be a great improvement for her and will help a lot.  On the other hand hearing this news about my daughter has really got to me.  Im used to being in this situation as with the other children and diagnosis of things such as

The guilt I feel having taken the medication for my Epilepsy which was prescribed to me – is immense. all the conditions above that they are all diagnosed with are completely life changing and affect our family every day.  It is for this reason why I am so passionate about raising awareness for FACS as their will be women out there on the epileptic medications for whatever reason but like me not being told the warnings this medicine can cause. All these medicines are still being prescribed, and the Government ARE aware of it.  Yet having such devastating affects on children how can they allow it to carry on.  It really sickens me.  I dont just have one child affected by FACS I have 5 with all the above conditions, yet was never told about it.



One thought on “How much more is FacsSyndrome going to throw at my children???

  1. I will not even pretend to understand or know how you are feeling, what I do know is you a fantastic mum and you are doing something so positive from something so horrid …you are helping to show others and make them aware of the dangers and for that you are a credit…

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