Im back ::)))))

This past 6 weeks have been so so tough. Am used to dealing with day to day life struggles of life but both physically and mentally …..another challenge.  Last few weeks Ive been having a lot of pain in my stomach.  As a woman you get used to things like this so me being me just put it down to indegestion. Having had the pain for around 4 weeks and getting worse I took myself off to A and E, only to be admitted with having Gallstones.  Having been scanned the gallstones I had were blocking my Gallbladder. I was kept in hospital for a night, pain relief was mangaged and then sent home.  However on the way home in my sisters car I had 2 epileptic fits.  Arriving back at  A&E to have another fit was again admitted for 5 days. (and still in agony)

In this 5 days my fiances uncle suffered a stroke.  One of the nicest men I have ever met in my life.  Very fit and healthy, out going …just great.  With great sadness he passed away and such a shock.  This hit me and my partner and the rest of the family for 6. Totally devastating.  So with me in hospital, my partner at home with the 5 kiddies was a weird week.  I was discharged on the Thursday to attend the funeral still in tremendous pain but I had to go and say goodbye.  I gradually got worse on the Saturday. Come Sunday morning I couldnt get out of bed , temperature was disorientated.  Having had 5 babies I can handle pain this was something else. I would have 100 labours to this pain.  In the end Joe(my fiance) phoned the ambulance, into which I was given Morphine to numb the pain (in which it did)

Yet again here I was back in hospital. To cut a long story short my gallbladder has been fully removed, theres concerns over my liver so with that have to have a camera down my throat and the epileptic fits are still carrying on daily (complex partial seizures).  In between the 5 children easter holidays so for Joe its been mayhem (bless him)

With this Joe has proposed again and we have decided to bring the wedding forward to September this year and I am so happy.

Life is for living. We are only here once and you have to grab each day and live for that moment. You never know what is around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Im back ::)))))

  1. Oh my goodness what an awful time you’ve had! Gallstones are supposed to be incredibly painful (as you can testify to) and I’m glad you’ve had them removed… A September wedding sounds wonderful and will be here before you know it. 🙂

    • Im so glad I had them out. The pain is horrendous, never experienced such pain like it, labour 5 times was easier x x x x

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