What is going on in the classroom?????

Im writing this as I have a spare 10 minutes.  On Saturday my son went to Saturday Club especially tailored for children with disabilities.  There a football was kicked at him and his arm was broken.  As Luke has hypermobility, laxed ligaments his arm broke pretty easily.  I took him to the hospital and a cast was put on his arm.

Luke came home from school yesterday telling me and dad how a little boy in his class (with whom Ive been in about before) had taken the whole cast off his arm.  I  am absolutely fuming.  Luke is very sensitive and as his mobility issues with his cerebral palsy affect him, any child that interacts with him, he sees this as them being friendly.  What angers me even more is that this happened in the classroom.  There is one main teacher and 2 other teaching assistants.  Where were they???? The worrying thing is how hard this child must have been pulling as the cast was was moulded and set to Lukes arm.  There is no way without force the child would have been able to pull it off (without force) On handover in the afternoon it wasnt even mentioned to me or dad when we picked the children up.

Being a nursery nurse I fully understand rules, regulations, SENCO and all aspects of childcare.  Dad has been in this morning and has reported it to the headmaster to make a complaint.  I am also a parent governor which is why dad went in but the headmaster apparently seemed fuming.

I have all respect for teachers as being in the similar profession I do understand how much work they do, targets etc but with a teacher and 2 full time assistants where were the staff when this was happening.

Its hard enough sending them to school with the disabilities they have knowing he gets pushed about, so knowing this incident has happened absolutely guts me.


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