Noise Intolerance – Facs&Autism

Things at home at the minute are proving stressful.  We have a very good structured routine with regards to the children, but an issue proving to be difficult is the issue of …… Noise.

Noise Intolerance is a symptom of Facs Syndrome but it is also a symptom of Autism in which all the children have.  Luke is very very intolerant  to noise.  The slightest noise sends him into a major tantrum in which he will sit covering his ears crying in tears.  The hard thing is that Erin who is 4 cant control the level of her voice so naturally she is very loud. She also loves playing with her younger brother Kian and when they both are together, they are giddy and loud.  With that Lauren constantly is clapping.  She would clap all day long if you let her and then comes the singing of Justin Bieber.!!!! With both Erin and Lauren with the clapping and loud talking this winds Luke up straight away ……tears, anger, frustration,kicking.

We tend to separate this.  Luke likes to be on his own so he will sit in the living room either on the Ipad or watching tv.  We find ourselves telling Lauren and Erin to be quiet but in reality they are just being children.  Its so hard having to control the autistic behaviour and always have to be one step ahead (we try to) but does prove hard and frustrating as parents.

Dinnertime and breakfast time tends to be harder.  There all together and talking at the table which Luke doesnt take well to.  The banging of the knives and forks, Lauren clapping and Chloe singing The Wanted or whatever song is in the charts.  Luke is then crying again, hands over his ears.  You can see the distress in his face, so for that sake we tend to tell the others to be quiet as its dinnertime.  On the other hand though they are just being children.  Me and dad (my fiance- thats what I call him in front of the kids) talk about it a lot and its not really fair, but its also not fair to have Luke in such distress.

Any mother whose child has Autism will fully understand this and is very difficult but as parents we have to cope and deal with it to as best we can.


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