I’ll never Ice Skate will I mum??

Just been watching Dancing on Ice with Chloe and Lauren.  Matthew was on skating, both girls are a huge fan as they see him in Emmerdale too.  Wasnt expecting it but Lauren said :

” Im never going to be able to skate am I mum cause of my frame and cerebral palsy

Her face was so sad as she loves Dancing on Ice. Shes getting more aware of her disability and is questioning it a lot lately.  How do you answer your child with these awful questions.  Its so hard and as a mum I find the questions so tough.  She puts 100% into everything but at the moment mobility wise she is struggling so much.  Tomorrow is another appointment at St Marys Hospital as her Drs are concerned as she is taking a step backwards.  Her recent injections of botox hasnt worked so has took a dramatic dip.

I turned it around and we talked about the things she is good at, rather than focusing on the negativity of what she cant do.  Theres no other way really of approaching it.  She then turned around and said:

“Its a good job Im pretty” She really is a funny little girl, am so proud and wouldnt have her any other way ::))))Lauren with her walking frame and her sisters and brother


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