Media Campaign is Working

The last few weeks with the Awareness Campaign with FACS have been so busy.  Due to newspaper articles, and news and radio updates across Britain , new parents are now coming forward and asking for our help.  For OACS Charity and FACS TRUST this is brilliant as it shows that people are really listening.  Many new parents who come to us feel very guilty and are apprehensive to admit that there childrens problems are due to there medication.  I was absolutely gutted when I found  out about FACS when I was pregnant with my 4th child, as I would think “If only I didnt have Epilepsy”, but you cant keep questioning the “If Onlys??”  This isnt the mothers fault that she has to take medication.  It is down to the Dr prescribing the medicine for not giving the warning signs so that the mother has the choice to take the medication.  As it stands women are not even being given the choice as they are not being warned about the effects.  Thi9s is why the Media Campaign is needed as women out there are just so unaware of this.

It is needed for the future of the child who has FACS, so that they can get all the help and support needed when going to mainstream school.  Many of the FACS children have Educational problems such as Autistic Spectrum ie Dysparaxia, Aspergers and it is in this area where the children need the help and support most.  To obtain statementing if needed it is a very lengthy process so children need a diagnosis.

That is why the Epetition to is so important, so that FACS will be debated in Parliament and the Government can no longer ignore this condition.  The condition isnt going to go away, the numbers are going to continue to rise and rise.


2 thoughts on “Media Campaign is Working

  1. This is so true, for too long the Government and Health have buried their heads in the sand. We want to change all that for the sake of all our beautiful children.

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