School Holidays – mayhem and autism

This week the children have been off school and it has been so nice with no rushing around and early morning starts.  They have took full advantage of having not to get up early ( added bonus for me)  My eldest daughter has stayed over at her friends, its now at that point as shes 8, where shes thinking and wanting to be a teenager and the issue of “Sleepovers” has arisien.  I do personally think they are to young for all that, but with peer pressure in school I feel as though I dont want to let her down.  She has had a friend stay over but wouldnt want it a regular thing.  Having 5 children all quite young, you definately notice the difference when one of them is away from the house.

Lukes autistic traits have been quite troublesome this week, and has been a big cause of tantrums here.  He is very very intolerant to noise. The other children singing sends him in a frenzy, he gets so upset.  Its so difficult because obviously the girls love to sing and dance and sing away to Justin Bieber but this creates such upset for Luke.  Im lucky that my dining room and living room are seperate as Ive had to put Luke into the living room (he loves to be alone) and the girls in the back.  Its not been helping that my younger one has been opening and shutting the door which totally aggrevates the situation.  Even looking at Luke sometimes he goes absolutely wild.  Autism is very very difficult especially in such a busy house, youve  got to be on the ball .. Each of the children have different “Triggers” so it seems as though each one is crying over something.  Can get very very daunting and frustrating as I feel I can hear my voice all the time.

Lots of baking was had which we enjoyed and normal things that dont tend to cost a lot such as colouring and writing stories.  Im amazed with the ages of them their imagination is fabulous.  At age 6-8 I dont think I was ever that imaginative.  They all love sitting and writing I suppose they see it from me, so even though we havent been in school theres been lots of role play of it.  We had a trip out to the cinema, which in itself was a huge task as the noise intolerance kicked in but I have got to try and encourage social situations.  We enjoy going out but the way the cinema turned out, its a no no for a while.

So its now Saturday, this morning is Ballet and Saturday Club and they love it.  It gets them away from each other for a while and does promote their independence and also their hobby.  Finishing homework this weekend and getting ready for a fresh new start Monday morning.

I want to recommend a fabulous site for downloading pictures to colour (especially for girls).  Its called Magic Belles.  Lots of activities and advice and the downloadable pictures are great.  My girls love them and have coloured them in with glitter, stickers the lot and are now hanging pretty on their walls.  Do have a look , its magical!!!!! Below is the link


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