Twitter love – virtual friends

I set up the Emma4oacs account on behalf of OACS Charity and FACT Trust in the hope of raising awareness of FACS, in which I have successfully achieved.  In the months whilst doing this, I have also met some truly remarkable people, so supportive of the campaign with FACS.  There are weeks on here I go absolute manic and constantly tweet about, which is a good way of spreading the wordbut it shows the support from other tweeters as by now they would have deleted me.

I find it such a comfort coming on here connecting with the people I speak to, yet I have never met these people, but really feel they are friends.  Its nice to get advice from other parents and vice versa and also to hear of other peoples life experiences.

I believe :”Life is a test……and its up to you if you pass or fail”

There is so much positivity with the network I have on Twitter.

So to all my Twitter friends even though I dont really know you I feel as though I do and every interaction I have with everyone means something to  me.



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