Awareness Campaign – Granada News

On Monday I gave an interview for Granada new on the whole issue of FACS SYNDROME.  It was totally unexpected that day.  Was the first day of the holidays, so the plan was pyjama and dvd day, just basically chilling out all at home.  Then a phone call came saying could we do an interview about how all the children have been affected.  The kids were arguing , Luke was in a serious mood and lashing out at everyone, the noise of the others really irritates him, so he was on one because of that.

The interview on the whole went really well .  The children now think they are famous.  My fiance isnt overly keen about it being featured on the news but if it takes me and my family to highlight that these drugs are defective and causing problem, it has to be done.  If I can help one family then Ive done what I set out to do.  The link for the feature on the news is enclosed… do take a look an post opinions , would love to know how people think the New Thalidimide will have an impact.


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