My Kitchen just nearly exploded – literally

I absolutely adore candles.  I have them on for the smell literally from when Ive taken the children to school till last thing at night.  I have one in the living room, in the back room and also in my bedroom.  I have found an amazing place called Busy Bee Candles.  There candles are simply amazing, the smell from them are simply overwhelming.  Even when not lit you can smell them. I love them that much Ive subscribed to their monthly fragrance club in which each month Ill receive a box of lovely candles.

Anyway tonight after tea, children in bed, tidying up as you do listening to a bit of Lady Gaga, I thought Ill change the smell so I opted for Watermelon Explosion…..Explosion it literally was.  I have a problem Ive no oil burner in which to rest my new candle on.  So my tiny mind thought Ill use one of my old candle pots, Ill put the flower shape candle into the pot and melt it in the microwave.  In it goes but there must have been something on the pot magnetic (in which may wasnt visable) Walked out the kitchen but then theres a funny smell…. a burning smell from the kitchen.  Oh my the pot had caught fire a little well that was panic mode.  Lady Gagas singing about her “Bad Romance“, baby Kian is walking round with a teatowel on his head( why???I dont know). I just started literally screaming (sounding like Gaga herself) got the teatowel made it damp under the tap and literally through it onto the pot when I opened the microwave door.  No fire but very very nearly.  The smell was awful.  My lovely other half running in “whats going on whats going on” my reply just trying to light my candle.  His face looked like he was going to have an explosion.  For the next hour or so baby Kian going round the house doing an impression of me, in which was quite funny.

If your reading this thinking she sounds potty, I really am not.  Its been a very long week .  Once you start with Busy Bee Candles you want them on all the time.  So to the lovely Bees @ Busy Bees, for my valentine order I need to establish that I have to order a Candle Stand or there will be no “Sexy as Sin” in this house!!!!!!!!


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