Wow what a busy day!!!! No hospital appointments today for the children so it was catching up on emails etc.  My main tadk today was sorting out the Press Release that can be released to the media with regards to FACS SYNDROME, took me most of the day but finally finished it.  Picked the kids up from school, done tea, homework etc then off out to the school governor meeting.

Ive been a parent governor for around 6months now.  As my children are involved with SENCO etc I thought it would be a good idea to get to know the school and help out a bit more and after tonights meeting all I can say is TEACHERS DONT GET PAID ENOUGH. The amount of pressure they are under is huge.  Theres targets, deadlines and the new Ofsted Framework thats been introduced it really is a lot of pressure.  At our school there introducing a new library/cafe area in which the children can go and play in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere – so Im helping with that too.  This has been decided so it can emphasize what good fun reading can be.  So theres lots of new plans for it.  Children are going to help out to and theyve submitted lots of great ideas and are going to help with the decoration and design of it all.

Teaching isnt just a 9-5 job, theres so much more involved.  Planning of your lessons, marking , courses to attend.  I know that when you train to be a teacher that you understand that this is part of the job, but they dont get credit for what they do.  You hear at school a lot of parents moaning (and Ive had my moments of moaning) but when you see it from a different angle ie Parent/Governor you really get a better understanding of how hard they work

All praise for the teachers of today who are looking after our children and doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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