Playing in the snow

Today the kiddies built a snowman with their dad.  Luke stayed in as he can be very funny with different textures( a feature of autism) so he stayed in.  Chloe, Lauren and Kian were loving it.  I was watching from the window as Ive an ear infection (no outside play for me).  Things that we do take for granted like playing in the snow, its so hard for children who have a mobility disability, it really is sad.  Lauren loved being in the snow but as the snow was quite deep she struggled a lot.  So while the others were running around Lauren was on the swing.  She has such determination that she tried her best but that was resulting in lots of falls.  The snowman was named Wayne (Rooney) as our favourite team were playing today, and what a game it was.  Heres a few pictures of the children

the kiddies with Wayne the SnowmanLauren trying her bestSnow Angels