Let it Snow x x x

my snowy street

The kids had a great day today.  This morning for Lauren and Luke was Saturday Club.  Its a fabulous club where children with special needs can go for 2 hours and play sports with other children.  Its partly funded by Bury Football Club in Manchester and theirs lots of children with a wide riange of different disabilities.  They love it.  Lukes on countdown know he counts the days of the week, every morning his first words are “How many sleeps till Saturday Club Mum”  Its so cute.  I suppose they dont feel different and its nice to also mix with other children.  Erin went to Ballet and Tap dancing.  Shes very petite and small and looks adorable whilst doing it.  Her concentration span isnt great but its the taking part that counts and a hobby for her to develop.  We then came home, the children then wanted to play in the snow.  It was frreeezzzzing as you are all aware so they were only out 20mins max.  Rest of the day was dvd day, and now there all tooked up in bed snug as a bug in a rug, really love my babies so much.


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