Incontinence With my Children ::((((

Today had an appointment with the Girls at the Incontinence clinic.  Incontinence is one of the symptoms of FACS and the 3 girls do have this problem at the minute. Wetting of the bed and pants, needing to wear pads to school and lots and lots of washing.  Its come to the point now where medicines are not effective especially Chloe so they told us today that more intense investigations are needed with stays in hospital, with Chloe, Lauren and Erin.  Chloe and Lauren were both in the room so Chloe was petrified saying she didnt want an operation, Lauren was saying “She hated being disabled”.  Seeing them and hearing words like that for any mum is devastating.  It is news I was expecting but kind of put it to the back of my mind but think its always different when you hear it.  Its the fact also that it isnt just 1 of my children but all 3 girls.  FACS was put upon us with absolutely no warning of it.  It could have been prevented and the degree to which it has affected all 5 of the children is overwhelming now.  Just feeling very sad and low…but tomorrow is a new day x x x x


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