Are the Government putting Figures before Patients?????

Daybreak was on before on the tv, the news part came on with a question similar to “Are the Government putting figures before Patients??” My daughter Lauren is crying in absolute tears as we have to put her splints on that she stuggles every day to walk in but she now has blisters on her feet to, as her splints keep riding up.  Botox for her hasnt been effective and her balance has deteriorated, so therefore she is finding a normal task that we take for granted such as walking so so difficult.

So the question “Are the Government putting Figures before Patients??”  You can draw your own conclusion on that but for me…yes

When a defective drug is released onto the market say with side effects to the patients it is automatically recalled back.  Sodium Valproate has been on the market since the 1970s and our oldest FACS child will now be in their 30’s.  How for all these years has it been allowed to keep a prescribed drug on the market when it is officially causing FACS SYNDROME??? We have a team of medical experts behind us, geneticists who diagnose FACS SYNDROME will state it is exposure to Sodium VALPROATE.  Yet now not only are Epilepsy medications being known to cause FACS but they are now being diagnosed for other things such as :

  • Depression
  • Pain Relief
  • Migraines
  • Neuralgia
  • Mood Swings

Yes I agree Epilepsy tablets are good at controlling seizures but if these medications are not coming with a Government Warning and now on all of the above, surely a lady trying to get pregnant should be warned before getting pregnant that taking the medications  could result in her baby being born with FACS

How for 30 or so years are the Government getting away with these drugs being allowed to stay on the market with devasting effects?

Are the Government for us people who are taking medications and trying to help and support us???

Or is it just about having money in their greedy pots to keep them with their cushy lifestyles???

Its your conclusion but just like me thousands of ladies have never been warned about this condition, through my blog Im having ladies get back to me who are pregnant and still on these meds and never been told.  I was never informed of this till pregnant with my 4th child in which I saw on the tv.  WE ARE NOW BACK IN THE 60’S WITH THE THALIDIMIDE CASE


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