Response from other mums x x x x

Im sat here having a coffee, got the noise of the lovely Peppa Pig in one ear, the sound of Power Rangers in the other ear, and Justin Bieber coming from upstairs, but all the children are very content (at the moment)

With me posting my blog about my families story it was featured on the Authors – Vivien Sabel (The Blossom Method). Ive since posted it on the website, Netmums.  The response from parents out there who are either on these medications and pregnant, or been pregnant, had the baby and so on and they all havent been told about this is absolutely overwhelming.  How can such a huge thing as medication being prescribed to the public with these devastating consequences be allowed to carry on and the fact that the Government are aware of it.

Im in turmoil now as the parents getting back to me are obviously worried and in a similar position as to what I was when no one believed me and put it down to depression.  Any ladies out there who no anyone on any similar medications I will give as much advise as possible as their is a team around me who can offer support.  Im going to carry on getting it into National Media but for some reason they are seeming very reluctant.


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