The month of January is always so cold and dreary. The cold dark rainy mornings you wake up too, carries on through the day still freezing , then entering into night time only consolation you can put your nice warm fire on or in my case candles.  I love them.  Gone is the hectic  rushing round from Christmas and in its place is people slowly going to work, bodies slumped, hoods up and depressed faces.  A lot of mums I speak to, me included are very down, no get up and give and as men say we are generally “moaning”.

Im in the routine now of regular exercise, which is an instant mood lifter, but even with that exercise, Im still feeling shattered and tired.  Before Christmas there was the feeling- lots of energy, motivation and excitement.  Us mums need to feel on top of things, a nice homely smile to greet our babies from school, self motivation to do our daily chores around the house…….but how do we find this if we simply cant be bothered???

Im no expert but for me the key is too simply carry on with my regular routine of exercise, nothing heavy, but need it  to fit in with my busy family life and possibly so the kiddies and the hubby cant see me sweating away (to be laughed at; Erins regular saying of “Mummy why is your belly wabbling”) The Wii is fabulous for this : the Just Dance and Zumba Discs are great as you can do as much or as little as possible.  I constantly all day drink Pukka Herbal Teas, which are great when drunk hot or cold.  Ive been watching what I eat, not excessively but going for healthy options.  Hopefully mixing these little changes this dreary month will disappear and start to look brighter.

If you haven’t read my blog before Mrs Julie Neville, mum to Isabella and Harvey and wife to ex Manchester United player Philip has a fabulous new company called Winnaturally selling herbal/organic products for all the family.  Winnaturally are supporting Awareness for FACS SYNDROME and our Charity OACS, having spoke to Julie she has recommended a few things from Winnaturally that will help to get our bodies going and help us feel much better:

Vitamins : Bio Care Refresh is an amazing pick me up powder.  It is very highly recommended and everyone that has used this product has loved  it.  Bio Q Mulsion & Weleda  Elixirs( in which there is a wide range of them so find one that is best suited to your requirements) are very good for energy levelsBiocare Bioacidophilus Probiotic are good as they promote all the healthy bacterias in your body and help gain the most nutrients from your body.

The Pukka Herbal Teas and Vitamins mentioned can be found on the Winnaturally website :


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