When it comes to candles, I really am a geek. I love to collect them, buy different ones and light them at night when the kiddies are in bed whilst doing what has to be done. I don’t go out socially as by the time the day has ended am so tired I just want time to wind down, like us busy ladies do.  I’ve used loads of different companies buying from everywhere but through Twitter have come across a fabulous site Busy Bee Candles.  They have a huge range of all sorts of different candles, wax tarts and gifts.  It really annoys me when you buy a candle and can’t really smell it, but have picked these up today from the POBOX and not even lit it, but the smell is really strong.  No more searching around markets, shops sending Joe crazy as I’m looking at them.  I’m joining their fragrance club for £20 a month and you get them  delivered to your door (an added bonus) different candles, wax tarts etc.

So as a candle fanatic go and check their page out : its great.



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