As  the correct warnings are not being given with regards to Epilepsy  medications, Gabepentin (Neurotin)which is being prescribed for pain relief is actually a drug prescribed for Epilepsy.  As Epiletic medications are now being prescribed for other things such as Migraine, Depression, Pain Relief etc I want to warn other ladies who are on this medication, that if you are planning to get pregnant please speak to your Drs, as all epileptic medications POSSIBLY have a chance of causing FACS SYNDROME.

If you havent read my blog I was on Epileptic medication Keppra for my Epilepsy and was never told of the warnings these drugs can cause till I was pregnant with my 4th child, and it never actually came from my medical team. It was on the tv..  My 5 children are now diagnosed with FACS SYNDROME as well as CEREBRAL PALSY, AUTISM, HYPER MOBILE JOINTS, ATHSMA, INCONTINENCE and other things to.  FACS is no longer a rare condition as it is being prescribed for other things. PLEASE DO SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IF YOU ARE ON THESE MEDICATIONS.


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