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My name is Emma Murphy (My Story : https://emma4facs.wordpress.com/my-children-and-i/ ) and I am National Campaign Leader and  https://emma4facs.wordpress.com/epilepsy-pregnancy-and-pills-campaign /Founder of  FACSA a  National Support Group for children and their families affected by AEDs/medications.  I have worked on this subject for the last 10 years, having received NO warnings/advice through out my 5 pregnancies consequently resulting with my children being left with lifelong disabilities due to my Epilepsy medication. In 2012 my colleague Janet and I set up FACSA nationally .

BBC Inside Out :http://youtu.be/CHjKo75oaGg?list=UUqT1hfD6eLOd-rtMBrs47PAinside-out






In 2012 along with my colleague Janet we founded FACSA (Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome Association) a National Support Group supporting children, parents, carers and their families that have been affected by Epilepsy medications during pregnancy.  We work with many organisations based around the UK to give the best help/support and advice to all our members. http://facsa.org.uk/what-is-facs/





In-FACT (Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust) was formed in November 2012 by myself and colleague Janet Williams, and we have since been noted through Government as the Official National Campaign Group.   In-FACT has been set up for the purpose of giving relief and assistance to all persons whose disablilities were caused by the fact of their mother taking an Anti Convulsant drug during pregnancy to treat her condition.  To support by means of payments to the beneficiaries to help with the cost of care, welfare, treatment/education supporting them with their injuries

With intentions to pay sums of money to help and support submitted through Government or Pharmaceutical Company donations

The Trusts work entails providing long term support for those affected by Anti Convulsant medications during pregnancy, and working with a wide range of professionals and organisations in raising awareness of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome (FACS) within Government and Health Agencies. Campaign Achievements https://emma4facs.wordpress.com/epilepsy-pregnancy-and-pills-campaign/campaign-achievements/

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When not campaigning I love to be at home in Manchester with my children,husband and family/friends.











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